My Resolutions for 2017

Dear Alice,

Here are my resolutions for 2017 (I am very confident that I will have the energy and the determination to fulfill as many of them as possible):

  1. Spend more time with the important people in my life. Okay so this was is tricky. It is not that I am not spending time with the ones I care for, but I do feel I should take more time to spend with the important people in my life. After all they are the ones that take the time to support me and to encourage me in all the decisions I take and in all the difficult situations I find myself in sometimes, as is normal. So this includes spending more time with my boyfriend, meeting more often my friends and organizing more funny and recreational events with them, spending more time with my family (either remotely – since my parents are in Romania, and my brother and his family are in Australia – or lively. Either way just take the time to at least buzz them online.)
  2. 2017 is here! The pictures are from the New Year’s Eve celebration we had in Graz at the Schlossberg (i.e. the city mountain in Graz) with some very good friends.

  3. Have a balanced work-life environment. I plan to have a balanced work-life schedule. I must admit that 2016 was quite full of new challenges for me from a professional point of view, such as: getting a new job, thus accommodating to a new working environment and a new company politics, to interacting with new people, while also working quite intensely to produce the wanted and planned results. It was also the transition I made from working for a small-to-medium company to a medium-to-large corporate firm, which was challenging and which did required some invested effort and time from my part. It was a very rewarding time as well, but all in all for the future I do want to spend only the required time in the office, and concentrate my evenings and my weekends exclusively on my boyfriend, my friends and my family and nonetheless my self. Free time is free time and I plan to see it as such!
  4. Marzipan figures are a very traditional gift for New Year’s Eve in Austria symbolizing usually the luck in the new year! They are very cute and extremely delicious if you like marzipan. I like this particular marzipan figure, we got as a gift this year from our good friends! It is lovely.

  5. Learn how to switch off after a day in the office. I think this is more an exercise of the mind, which I still have to practice for some time more intensively so that I can master it. But I do plan to learn how to switch off after a day in the office. This means that the evenings and the weekends are for my family, for my friends, and for myself. All the work office related events and situations have to stay in the office.
  6. Wonderful panoramic view on the city of Graz from the Schlossberg Sky Bar Restaurant on the New Year’s Eve.

  7. Learn how to detach myself from situations I cannot directly influence. I think you are familiar with these situations, when some things occur very differently that you have imagined them or you have wished for. Well, this is life, things do not always go our way as we expect them too. The important thing is to take them as they come, and to understand that there are things in our life that we cannot influence and that we have to detach ourselves from these situations. For the sake of our state of mind and of our well-being. Something I definitely have to practice quite intensively as well.
  8. No I was not angry or upset. I was just a bit cold. We had like -6 degrees Celsius that night and we went out on the terrace for the wonderful view and for taking some appetizers to eat. Still the view was great!

  9. Make practicing meditation and mindfulness part of my daily routine. I do hope these exercises would help me to switch off after a day in the office and to detach myself from situations I cannot directly influence. Here is a nice starting point for such exercises if you are interested in them: 6 Mindfulness Exercises You Can Try Today.
  10. After-the-party snapshot on the New Year’s Eve. Really love this dress from Esprit, it has a great color and one of a kind material, plus it feels very comfortable while dancing or having dinner.

  11. Take more time for me and my hobbies. This includes reading, swimming, training, hiking, travelling, drawing and painting, organizing more trips with my boyfriend, my friends and my family, going to the cinema, etc. Yes I do like my hobbies and I plan to invest enough time in them to make them flourish even more!
  12. Be more altruistic and see the good in each situation and in each person. I always try to be altruistic. Even if sometimes it is quite difficult, still I want to plan to be altruistic independent of the people or of the situations that arise in my way. I plan to judge less and to spend less time on analyzing the different situations I find myself into. Just enjoying the little things in life is much more rewarding than spending time with you and your mind analyzing some situations or events that you should take as they are.
  13. Share more experiences on the blog with you. Yes I do plan to find more time to share my experiences with you. It is something I pretty much like to do. And it brings a big smile on my face and on your face as well I hope.
  14. Being thankful for the present moment. I try to apply this exercise of the mind every day for as much as I can. This brings a lot of optimism and energy into my day. Always see the bright side of things. Easy and rewarding. Below is a video made on the New Year’s Eve depicting very nicely the fireworks that night.

And that is about all, I think. What about you, what are your resolutions for 2017?
Sincerely yours,