Weekend Ideas: Visit an Annual Festival as the “Sound Light Festival” in Graz

Dear Alice,

Today I want to share with you another idea of spending your weekends or your holidays in a very exciting and enjoyable way, and that is attending an annual festival in your home town together with your family and/or friends. And I came up with this idea after attending this year the “Sound Light Festival” in Graz, or how it is called in German the “Klanglicht Festival Graz 2017”.

So if you want to read more about the festival, here is the official web page “Klanglicht Home”. Roughly speaking, this is a new kind of festival in Graz, combining the fascinating world of light and of sound both together and producing unique experiences and emotions for the audience and for the viewer. What I really loved about the festival was that the entry was free for anyone and that its main scene was the city center. In addition all bus lines were connecting the surroundings of Graz with the city, so anyone from Graz or its surroundings could attend the festival and be part of a unique and captivating experience. Artists from all over the world gathered in Graz and presented their astonishing creations in a very fascinating and original way, such as for instance light projections on architectural buildings such as operas or museums.

Attending such a festival is a great opportunity to enjoy yet again your beautiful home city and to explore its endless offer concerning ways of entertaining. And plus you get to do this with your loved ones not far away from here. So here are my favorite highlights from this year “Sound Light Festival”:

  1. Les Lumineoles. Great piece of art combining sound and music, and displaying very uniquely fascinating flying kites highlighted by colorful leds. Great special effects!
    • As you probably already noticed, the pictures were done in the evening, so that is why I would recommend you to watch the video below that I made for a better visualization of the “Les Lumineoles” 🙂 :
  2. Arkestra of Light. This was again another magnificent piece of art, where a sequence of different videos were projected on the Graz Opera House in the city center, and in parallel music and sound pieces were created. Another extremely incredible piece of art! My favorite was the black and white video projection which you can enjoy below 😉 :
    • And below the video depicting the light projections on the Graz Opera House (part of it 😀 ):
  3. A Perspective on Colour. This is a perfect example that shows how one can create magnificent effects with simple components such as light and colored patterns, just watch the video and I hope you will get a big smile on your face (I really like this number as well):

Looking forward to this festival next year and thank you all the sponsors who made this incredible experience possible, and of course to all the artists and people that made it come true. A great experience that will long not be forgotten. What about you, what festival did you attend last in your home town?
Sincerely yours,