My Weekly Training Routines

Dear Alice,

Today I would like to share with you my weekly training routines. As you know it by now I do like sports and all the fun recreational activities that help me to improve my physical condition and my general state of mind. I do believe that sport is a great activity to improve your way of life and your every day routine and that it should be part of your daily routine.

So here is my weekly training routines I try to stick to and I try to follow as often as I can:

  1. Monday: Fitness: Arms and Total Body Workouts.
    • During Training: I start my week on Monday with fitness exercises, and mostly these are arms and/or total body workouts. And I spent on this between 40-60 minutes. I try to mix the exercises from one week to another so as to not repeat myself and I also increase or decrease the weights I use depending on my physical condition. But every 2 to 3 months I try to increase the lifting weights so as to deepen my evolution.
    • Regularity: In the last months I never skipped these exercises and I am quite fond of them since they relax me after a day in the office.
    • Post Training: After the training I always have a banana-smoothie or a mango smoothie with almond milk and peanut butter to recharge my batteries.
  2. Tuesday: Swimming.
    • During Training: I continue my training week with swimming on Tuesday. Yes this is my favorite one!!! I always go swimming directly after the office hours, and this is a great way to disconnect from any office work. I spent like 60 minutes swimming and I always make sure to have a bottle of water with me and my “Garmin Swim Watch” to track my evolution.
    • Regularity: I am going swimming almost every week, except if occasionally I am ill and thus the doctor does not recommend it.
    • Post Training: After swimming I always have some small snack and then a smoothie. I either have a Baloo smoothie 🙂 (i.e. yogurt, milk, apples, cinnamon and honey) or a seasonal fruits smoothie with spinach or blueberries. As a snack I have some sandwiches, such as for instance: integral bread sandwiches with fish and carrots, or ciabatta sandwiches with feta or cheddar cheese and ham. Yes after swimming I am very hungry so only a smoothie will not be enough.
  3. Wednesday: Break.
    • This is a free day and I reserve it for my family and/or my friends 🙂 .
  4. Thursday: Yoga: Stretching and Abs Workouts.
    • This is again a very helpful exercising routine that I really enjoy and that I try to practice between 30-45 minutes. I mostly have a smoothie after this and a lot of water and almost always a tea. It is tea night.
  5. Friday: Break.
    • This is another free day and I mostly reserve it for my family.
    • Still we do the shopping on Friday and this implies a lot of walking so slightly counts as a bit of training as well.
  6. Saturday: Free Exercises: Fitness, Swimming, Hiking.
    • This depends very much on the season: in the summer we usually either go swimming or hiking, or we do some fitness exercises in the park or in the garden. Either way it is a spontaneous way of exercising. But it is still very useful.
  7. Sunday: Walking or Hiking.
    • We usually go for a walk or hiking on Sunday. In summer is mostly hiking somewhere in the surroundings of Graz, and in the other seasons it is always a walk in our magnificent beautiful neighborhood. Either way we spent at least 1 hour on this exercise and it is a great way to relax.

What about you: what are your weekly training routines?
Sincerely yours,