Travel Guide: Malaga (Spain) Best Attractions (Part 1)

Dear Alice,

Today I would like to continue our series concerning the “Holiday Destinations in 2017” subject. Since summer is already here with its blue sky and its warm rays of sun, we can thus all enjoy some free days and we should certainly do this, to recharge our battery and to disconnect from our busy daily routines. So here are some of my recommendations for this year: first on my list: Malaga, Spain.

By the way: have you ever visited Spain? Hmm if you have not, you should definitely add Spain to your list: there is nothing you will not love about Spain: the food, the culture, the people, the fiestas (that usually last all night long 🙂 ), the fashion, the mentality. Everything is wonderful! And you will get to practice and to even learn a lot of Spanish.
So last week we had the opportunity to visit Malaga in Spain for our long weekend for like 4 days, and I am very happy we got the chance to do this, since this was a wonderful escape that transformed itself into a wonderful holiday in the south of Spain, on the Costa del Sol (this is how the area is called).

We actually book the tickets in February for this holiday, since we wanted to go hiking in the surroundings areas of Malaga, but the city itself was a great companion as well and made us feel at home thousands of kilometers away from our home.

So here are the main highlights concerning our holiday in Malaga together with several tips concerning the city itself:

  1.  Book your trip in advance: This is a good practice, since Malaga is a popular city for tourists, especially in the summer, as its location makes it very popular for everyone who loves sandy beaches, and bathing holidays. We book our trip almost 3-4 months in advance, and we decided to rent an apartment in the old city center. I would recommend you to do the same, this will offer you a lot of flexibility to explore the city, and from a financial point of view this will definitely be cheaper than a hotel. We book our  “Pinar Apartments Malaga” via and I definitely recommend it to you.
  2. Plan 1-2 days to visit the city itself: Yes, Malaga is like a treasure that you will gradually discover and it will surprise you with its most original and unique facets so do spend 1 to 2 days to visit the city. I think 2 days are enough to see the most important historical centers, museums and beaches that the city Port of Malaga has to offer.
  3. Visit the Picasso Museum: Yes definitely a must, whether you are an art lover or not, this museum has a permanent Picasso collection, plus other temporary collections that are definitely worth visiting. During our visit, the temporary collection “School of London” was on display, and the visitor was even allowed to take pictures of the different paintings for marketing and advertisements reasons of course. Also during the summer, visiting a museum will offer you a well-deserved cooler break from the heat outside.
  4. Visit the Pompidou Center in Malaga: This is a contemporary art museum, but the building itself is a sight for sore eyes, so do not miss it!
  5. Visit the “Playa de La Malagueta”: Even if it is warm, I highly recommend you to visit the beach while in Malaga, you will get to enjoy a wonderful view on the port, plus next to the beach there are some magnificent botanical gardens with wonderful flowers and flora.
  6. Visit the Historical Center: Since Malaga is a cultural and historical center, this is a must do! You will get to enjoy the city even more.

Historical Center Malaga

Picasso Museum, Painting from the “School of London” Collection.

Malaga Old Center

Botanical Gardens in Malaga

Center Pompidou Malaga.

I was trying to take photos of the two cute dogs in the baskets accompanying the two girls on their bikes 🙂 .

Roman Theater in Malaga.

Magnificent views on the Malaga Port.

What about you: have you already visited Malaga: what did you like the most?
Have a wonderful long summer weekend (we have yet another long weekend here in Austria 😉 ) and sincerely yours,