Travel Guide: Malaga (Spain) Best Attractions (Part II)

Dear Alice,

If I have not convinced you yet to spend a couple of days in Malaga, Spain for your holidays once you will have the chance to, I would like to continue today with presenting you some more shades of this beautiful city and to convince you to add it to your favorites traveling destinations list.

Just have a look at the pictures below and I hope you will get more than a glance at the beauty of this city, and that is: a burning desire to visit the city and to discover it your own way 🙂 !

Love this graffiti on the wall, it is a marvelous piece of art! And the dogs are more than cute!

This graffiti definitely made my day!

Food is delicious in Spain! As for example this homemade paella!

Yes, Malaga is a city for artists for sure! This is another great graffiti, in the great bar “Nuevo&Sur” where we had delicious tapas and cocktails!

Best Zombie Cocktail in Malaga!

Delicious Tapas: Tempura Vegetables!

Artists are painting this city every time they have the chance to! This is the city center of Malaga, where a magnificent painting was done by a street artist!

Sincerely yours,