3 Reasons to Start Running

Dear Alice,

In the last couple of months I started running yet again at least 2 times per week and I must say I feel reborn. This is why I want to share with you the main reasons I think you should also start or restart your running routine as soon as possible.

Me and running, running and me, two strangers that could have met a couple of months ago and have nothing in common. Me and running, running and me today and we are two of the most dedicated friends out there. Yes I must say that I was not a big fan of running. I used to run a lot when I was in high-school (this was mandatory and was part of the exam that we had to pass at that time every semester), and even though I was not the biggest fan of running, I was running with perseverance. After I discovered swimming, and after I had some problems with my left knee a couple of years ago (after a skying weekend I had a broken medial lateral band, that slowly regenerated), running was not really among my first choices. You also noticed “My Weekly Training Routines”, you observed that running was not part of them. Well that is until a couple of months ago, when I decided to start running again and to see if it fits to me and to my training routines. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that running is definitely a sport that fits for me and that I will definitely want to include to my weekly training routines, and here is why:

  1. Running Contributes to Stress Relief, and improves the Mental Health. Since summer is here, I am going running at least 2 times per week. I noticed that this is a great way to relieve stress, to disconnect from the everyday problems and any thoughts, and to just enjoy the present moment. Of course it can happen that the first 10 minutes (as in my case) are very difficult, but after this phase you will feel as reborn. I can assure you. Just remember: in the first 10 minutes or so, do not stop, and do not give up (decrease your rhythm and speed if necessary, but do not stop).
  2. Running Improves Physical Condition. Running is known to bring a lot of benefits to your physical condition and to your health, it helps your bone structure, and improves your cardiovascular system just to name a few. Just search the internet and you will find more than enough reasons for this.
  3. Running Helps Losing Weight and Strength the Core. Definitely a plus. No more diet, no more calories counting. Running helps losing weight, and this without a very complicated diet. And this because running is a main method to help burn off extra calories.

This weekend I have to make a pause from running (due to a very unfortunate sprain), and it is very difficult, since I have become kind of addicted to running, but I hope that by the end of next week I can start running again. What about you: what are the main reasons why you include running to your weekly routines?
Sincerely yours,