How to Make the Best Out of Your Running Routine

Dear Alice,

Today I will share with you my running routine. And while doing this, I hope I will give you some tips that will help you to make the best out of your running routine.

As I told you, running is a great activity and you should definitely consider start running (as I did a couple of months ago and I am very happy with my decisions). Here are some reasons on why running can bring some great benefits to your daily routine: 3 Reasons to Start Running.
And now here we go, here are my tips for making the best out of your running routine:

  1. Run in the evening (during the week I would advise after the working hours, and in the weekends after 18:00 or 19:00 o’clock). During the week I love running in the evening after coming home from the office, as this is a great way to disconnect from work and to forget about all the issues accumulated during the day. In the weekend I love running in the evening after the heat is not so intensive anymore. I would advise the same way, it is a great way to prepare your evening, you will enjoy the evening time with the loved ones the best way possible this way.
  2. Always have a small snack (such as a power bar for instance) before starting running. I always have a power bar (such as Isostar for instance) before going for a run. Eating before running is definitely a bad practice, but having a small snack to give you a boost of energy before starting your running round is a great idea. For me running is the most difficult in the first 10 to 15 minutes, so if I am passed this period, than I can definitely enjoy the running. And a power bar is definitely helping me to overcome this first 10 minutes.
  3. Always have a nutritious lunch before running. If you plan to run, then it is better to have a nutritious lunch that day. I have had a lot of trial concerning this, and I have noticed that the best run experiences happened after I had a good nutritious lunch, i.e. salad with meat, pasta or potatoes. Running will burn off an extra number of calories so you should not worry about the weights, but if you do not have the energy you need while running, then you will get muscular cramps and pains which are not very pleasant.
  4. Invest in a good sport armband for storing your smartphone and your key while running. Yes this is very good practice. I have now found the perfect sport armband for my Iphone (here is mine), and you should do the same. This will come in handy when running, it is easier to carry your smartphone and your key around.
  5. Prepare a music playlist or a podcast to listen to while running. While running I use music as a way to disconnect from my everyday routine and to connect to my body and to my training routine. Music offers me a great way to do this. I like having a special music playlist prepared while I run. As alternative you can also listen to your favorite podcasts while running, if they contribute in relaxing you. I also will try this soon.
  6. Always perform 5 to 10 stretching routines after running. This will help relax your muscles after running. Perform every stretch move for at least 20 seconds (if not more). Also try not to skip this step, long term it is very important for your muscles.
  7. Have a smoothie after running and avoid any heavy meals. I never eat after running, but I always have a smoothie, either a banana smoothie or a mango smoothie with peanut butter. It is a great way to end the running routine.

That is about all. What about you: what are some of your running tips?

Sincerely yours,