One Day Hiking Trip at Baerenschuetzklamm

Dear Alice,

As you might know we had a long weekend here, and we definitely made the best out of it. On Monday we had a one day hiking trip to the Baerenschuetzklamm in the surroundings of Graz and I would like to share this wonderful experience with you.

Well there is not much to say about the Baerenschuetzklamm hiking trip expect that it is definitely a one of a kind experience you definitely have to try one time, you will enjoy both an amazing scenery and an outstanding training for the body and for the mind. You definitely have to have a physical condition for this hiking trip, as it is quite exhausting and it requires your whole body at work, but it is definitely worth it. And it is a great training as well! So if you think to visit the Baerenschuetzklamm do not hesitate: from Graz it is a 30 minutes trip in one direction (the whole hiking trip takes about 3,3-4,3 hours plus 1 hour traveling time), you will have to pay a symbolically entrance fee of 3,50 euro, and you will definitely want to come back. There is nothing else left for me to say now, except enjoy the wonderful snapshots of this natural wonder we managed to have for ourselves πŸ™‚ .

This is the official starting point of the trip. You have to hike around 2km, so like 30-40 minutes to the official entry to the Baerenschuetzklamm in one direction, and the sceneries are gorgeous, but you definitely need some physical condition!

Let’s get this hiking started!

You will have to climb this type of stairs to the Baerenschuetzklamm! There are 164 stairs you have to take to make it to the exit! And there is no turning back, the hike is done in one direction (you will see for yourself why πŸ™‚ )

I really love this picture! It looks like a horse with a grass pony tail in a field of grass looking up to you: do you see it too?

This is the entrance to the Baerenschuetzklamm! The entrance fee is symbolically, as the maintenance of this road and the park is definitely quite expensive, so this are definitely some money well spent!

Here we go: hiking view from one direction…

…to another direction

Wonderful scenery! I always imagined this is how New Zealand looks like!

Beginning of the stairs trip hike: yes it is definitely steep, but definitely extremely well made! So you have to fight your high heights demons as well here, it is a great training for the mind. I did so, and after a couple of minutes I made it and conquered my high heights demons. Felt great!

Yes you have to climb out there on the wooden stairs!

Amazing scenery!

Find this picture wonderful, can be turned into a postcard!

Magnificent: look at this view, yes it is Austria again, and not New Zealand.

In translation “The 6 Big Stairs”, yes they are definitely steeper, but at this point you are pretty much used to the high heights, and you are just enjoying the magical scenery!

Almost there! Hmm from this direction looks definitely steeper as from the another one. This is why I would not hike this road the other way around πŸ™‚

And we made it! The whole hike takes like one and a half hour! (with the pictures and all)

Snapshot on the way back! You still need like 1-1,3 hours till you make it back to the starting point. Great scenery and training as well!

And that is pretty much it: I hope I convinced you to visit the magical nature wonder: great scenery and a great way to spend some very hot summer days!
Sincerely yours,