Travel Guide: Madeira Best Attractions: Praia Formosa

Dear Alice,

Our next stop to the wonderful Madeira adventure will be the Praia Formosa, next to Funchal, situated like ten minutes away from the city center with the car. A beautiful beach where you can enjoy the sun and the warm water for an unforgettable day at the beach.

So here are my recommendation concerning the Praia Formosa experience in Madeira:

  • Try reaching Praia Formosa by foot from the city of Funchal or its surroundings. The beach is located in the surroundings of the capital Funchal, so unless you are in the north of the island, I would advise that you to try to reach the beach by foot: you will enjoy both a wonderful scenery and and unforgettable panorama: natural lava pools, black to grey sand and pebble beaches. And you will definitely exercise as well, which is always a good and healthy thing to do in holidays as well.
  • Plan to spend at least one to two days at the Praia Formosa (if you have the chance of course). This is definitely an out-of-the-ordinary beach, from my experiences at least. And I am a big fan of “the beach experience” in general, trust me. Since Madeira is a volcano island you could think that no beaches can be found around on the island for you to enjoy, but you might be wrong: the beaches in Madeira (just as the Formosa beach) have their own unique charm: you will enjoy the beautiful pebble beaches, you can try to walk on the rocks (but be careful, they can be slippery, so you might get into water before you want to), still a chance you do not get to have on any beach. So if you are a beach lover and you love the sun, the sea and the sports activities, then Praia Formosa is definitely the place for you to be in Madeira. Just do not compare it to the other beaches you visited before, it is another type of beach experience for sure.
  • Make sure to bath at least 2-3 times in the wonderful ocean water while at Praia Formosa. Yes a beach at the ocean shore is definitely different than the beaches you are used to, but do use the chance to bath in the ocean: the waves and the water will definitely take your breath away: a once in a lifetime opportunity. Just be careful and do not swim far away if you cannot swim (the current are extremely powerful I am telling you), just stay next to the shore where you can reach the bottom and you will be fine.

There is nothing else left for me to say except enjoy the small pieces of beach experience at Praia Formosa below 🙂 .
Sincerely yours,

While walking to Praia Formosa, you get to enjoy an amazing scenery!

Lava pools on the way to Formosa Beach

Some more lava pools on the way to Praia Formosa!

Amazing view while enjoying the day at Praia Formosa!

Wonderful view on the island from the rocks of the Praia Formosa!