Austria’s Best Attractions: Zotter Chocolate Factory

Dear Alice,

Today I would like to recommend you another wonderful place in Austria, where you can spend a wonderful autumn free day with your family and or friends, and that is the Zotter Chocolate Factory and the Edible Zoo.

I do not know how you feel about chocolate, but me, I really love it 🙂 . I have to admit it. Still, do not get me wrong: I am not addicted to chocolate, and I also do not plan to become addicted to it, still I do enjoy my dose of chocolate once in a while. And by dose I mean a reasonable amount of dark chocolate with raspberries or blueberries. These are my favorites. In fact, I now prefer dark chocolate as opposed to when I was a child, and I must recommend it to you over to milk chocolate, as it comes with a series of health benefits as well (believe it or not), just consult the following article “How much chocolate do you need to eat for health benefits” for more information on this topic.

So since I love chocolate, any visit to a Chocolate Factory is something which would definitely make sense in my case. So me visiting the Zotter Chocolate Factory and the Edible Zoo in the surroundings of Graz comes as no surprise. Yes, I definitely recommend visiting the Zotter Chocolate Factory just to share the unique experience to any local or to any tourist that has the chance to pass by Zotter. The factory is located not far away from Graz, it takes around 30-40 minutes by car to get to Zotter and to enjoy all the wonders it has to offer, and that is:

  • on the one hand side: the magnificent Zotter Manufacturer Chocolate Factory experience that will transport you into a world of chance and of opportunity, where you will learn a lot about chocolate and its manufacturing, and you will get to taste a whole range of chocolate types and cocoa beans. Just take your time to live this experience.
  • and on the other hand side: the impressive and the beautiful Edible Zoo, where you can stroll and you can enjoy the wonderful scenery and the friendly inhabitants of the zoo: this is the perfect activity to undertake after the visit to the chocolate factory, the zoo is definitely very large and it gives you the opportunity to walk around while enjoying the scenery.
  • The entrance fee to the factory is affordable, so you should not worry about this (after the tour to the chocolate factory, you also get to visit the chocolate shop, so here you can choose to bring home all your favorites chocolate bars that you tasted so far, chocolate bars which you can even order online at Zotter Chocolate Factory). You can opt for a combi-ticket, that includes the entrance to both the Zotter Chocolate Factory and to the Edible Zoo or for a single ticket only ensuring you the visit to the chocolate factory. I definitely recommend you the combi-ticket. We chose this one, and we more than happy with our choice. We first visited the chocolate factory, and afterwards the Edible Zoo, where you can also enjoy the delicious food at the factory’s restaurant, if you get hungry after all the strolling in the zoo (do not underestimate the Edible Zoo, it definitely includes a wide area where you can stroll or even almost hike). I am quite sure you can spend the whole day at Zotter, we were there for about 7-8 hours (the time passed so fast we did not even realize it took so much). It is definitely a great place for any family member or any friend that visit you and wants to experience another type of activity :).

I hope you get to enjoy the photos from the Zotter Chocolate Factory below and till our next encounter I wish you a great weekend!
Sincerely yours,

You will get to taste chocolate at 16 different chocolate stations during the visit to the factory! And they will all be delicious, just as the chocolate fountains station here: one of my favorites!

This is the map of the Edible Zoo: the different strolling (or hiking) paths you can take are marked in different colors, based on their difficulty levels: as you can see you have a wide range of possibilities 🙂 ! So all the energy accumulated from the chocolate tasting can now be successfully burnt :D.

Picture corner where you can takes photos with the Riegersburg Castle in the background.

Zotter Chocolate Factory and the Edible Zoo are definitely the place to be in autumn, where the nature has its own charm and amazing colors!

The food at the Zotter’s Factory Restaurant is delicious: I had the vegetarian noodles and they were very tasty!

The inhabitants of the zoo are just lovely!

The Zoo also has the climbing corner, dedicated to children, but not only :D. Definitely a challenge!

The Piranha Inhabitants at the Zotter Chocolate Factory.

We definitely brought home some of our favorite Zotter Chocolate, which you can even order online.