My Best Twenty Moments of 2017

Dear Alice,

Since we are soon to embark a new journey and to discover new experiences and new territories in the new year that is about to come, I think it is time for me to be gracefully thankful for a great 2017 year, a year full of joy, laughter, smile and nonetheless learning, that have definitely made me grow up as a person and that definitely showed me a wider horizon of experiences.

So here are my favorite best twenty moments from 2017 (in random order, with no particular preference order whatsoever).

    1. Enjoying the “Amaluna” Cirque du Soleil Experience in Vienna, Austria on a stormy whether, that not only brought an unexpected “hair storm” to my day, but also a lot of joyful moments, laughter and definitely a dose of adrenaline. Cirque du Soleil shows are one of my favorites, the experience is one of a kind and it cannot be described in words. The music, the acrobatics, the story, the poetry, the performances, everything about Cirque du Soleil is just magic and is worth living every time I have the chance. This year’s “Amaluna” show in Vienna was just amazing and it definitely counts among one of my favorite moments from 2017. Looking forward for the next “Cirque du Soleil” experience in the surroundings of Graz (or why not even in Graz).
    2. Spending a sunny afternoon mini-golfing with friends. This year in spring we spend a wonderful day mini-golfing with friends, and it was definitely an unforgettable experience: it was not only the sun and the laughter that accompanied us the whole day that made the experience count as one of a kind, but also the concentration, the ability to find the right strategy, and all the fun moments that mini-golfing is requiring from the players. Even though it was the first time mini-golfing for me, I am definitely planning to go mini-golfing more often, as this is indeed a fun activity.

    3. Attending the “Klanglicht” Festival in Graz. This year “Klanglicht” festival was really an astonishing experience: all the productions from the festival full of light, color, music, and poetry in the center of Graz were the highlight of the festival and made me plan my next visit to the “Klanglicht” festival next year.
    4. Being faithful to my training routines. This year I managed to stick to my training fitness routines and to train at least 2-3 times per week (sometimes even 4 times per week), so this made me proud of my perseverance. Plus, I love my training routines after a day in the office, it is not only a great way to improve my physical condition, but also to relax and to switch off after work.
    5. Exploring the historical city of Malaga in Spain. Strolling through the city of Malaga, Spain during our spring holiday escape and finding even the most hidden places of this astonishing Spanish citadel was definitely one of the best experiences this year!
    6. Hiking Caminito del Ray, in El Chorro, Spain. Having the chance to hike Spain’s most dangerous hiking path at Caminito del Ray definitely counts among one of my favorites moments from 2017! “Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits”, definitely something you will experience if you decide to hike Caminito del Ray.
    7. Baking the first naked berries cake. This was the first naked cake I have ever baked, and I must agree it is definitely delicious. Even though it took a bit more time than expected, the naked cake is definitely a delicious desert to bake for celebrating any special events your way!
    8. Attending Coldplay “Head Full of Dreams” Life Concert in Vienna, Austria. Even though we had to drive to Vienna back and forth for attending the concert, it was worth it: Coldplay can put up a great show, and this was definitely a unique experience!

    9. Enjoying the summer sunsets on our terrace. We definitely invested some time and money in our terrace this year, but it could have not had a better result: our terrace is definitely the place to be during summer evenings where we can enjoy some wonderful sunsets.

    10. Spending a wonderful day at Planai, Austria and enjoying summer sports recreational activities. Who’s to say that sport resorts are only to be visited during winter? Well, not me, for sure. This year we spend a great day at Planai sport resort and it was a wonderful experience: you can not only only go paragliding but also hiking, or biking for instance.

    11. Hiking the Baerenschutzklamm in the surroundings of Graz. Even though hiking at Baerenschutzklamm this year was not as easy as expected, and even though you might reach your limit and afterwards overpass them (which is a great feeling by the way), just as in my case, I definitely loved the experience at Baerenschutzklamm and I would definitely repeat it again.

    12. Exploring the island of Madeira, Portugal. Not only the “Pearl of the Atlantic”, not only the “Floating Flower Island”, but also one of my dream destination for summer holiday almost every month of the year: Madeira is definitely a land of magic and of unforgettable experiences that enchanted me with its beauty and hospitality! So it definitely goes on my list!

    13. Hiking Pico Arieiro in Madeira, Portugal. Wind, heights, rocky landscapes, magnificent views, panoramic scenery, reaching owns limits and over passing them. All of them to be lived when hiking Pico Arieiro. Wonderful day and wonderful experience I would gladly repeat at a glance of an eye!

    14. Going for a levada walk in Madeira, Portugal. When in Madeira, Portugal, do as the Portuguese people do. Go for a levada walk and be prepared to meet your limits and expand them. I enjoyed every little step of our levada walk this year in Madeira, and I am definitely grateful to our wonderful Portuguese guide that made a dangerous experience one of the most excited hiking experiences in my life.

    15. Enjoying the sunsets in Madeira, Portugal during the prolonged summer holiday. Not much to say about such astonishing sunsets I enjoyed every evening in Madeira. Except “no comment” maybe, just enjoy the moment!

    16. Hiking at the Goesting Castle Ruins in Graz. I definitely enjoyed autumn and its grandiose colors during our hike this year at the Goesting Castle Ruins in the north of Graz. A wonderful place to visit during autumn and to relax with your family.
    17. Visiting the Zotter Chocolate Factory and the Edible Zoo. The amazing tour at the Zotter Chocolate Factory and the Edible Zoo did not only brought savors moments of tasting and enjoying delicious chocolate to my day, but also a great hiking day in the beautiful Edible Zoo.
    18. Attending the “Dire Straits Experience” Concert in Graz. I enjoyed “Dire Straits” and their music ever since I was a teenager in high-school and had other music preferences as my colleagues. So attending the “Dire Straits Experience” in Graz this autumn was definitely one of my favorite moments this year!
    19. Attending the Christmas Market with family and friends in Graz. I do enjoy this period of the year when the Christmas markets are opening and I am making plans to meet our family and our friends at the Christmas markets: enjoying the delicious Raclette, the Punch, the Baumkuchen, sharing the experiences and making plans for the new year! Yes definitely goes on my list of best moments for 2017.
    20. Our first Christmas tree in our Graz apartment. Yes, our Christmas tree in our new apartment in Graz is for sure one of my favorite moments for this year. I never thought I would find myself next to the Christmas tree and contemplating it for minutes without doing nothing but just enjoying the present moment! There is always a first for every experience for sure.

And that is my list of best moments for this year. Yet again thank you 2017 for being such a wonderful companion, for teaching me a lot of new things, for showing me brand new experiences I always tried to embrace with a lot of enthusiasm and for making me evolve yet again as a person.
Till our next encounter have a great holiday!
Sincerely yours,