Best Recipes Ideas: Avocado Pasta with Feta Cheese

Dear Alice,

Here is another delicious pasta recipe with avocado and feta cheese, which is basically a vegetarian recipe and yet extremely delicious, that you can prepare for either lunch or early dinner with your family and/or friends.

So here is what you will need for preparing this tasty recipe (this recipe is basically taken from the Billa Magazine “Frisch Gekocht” with some small modifications):

  • Ingredients (for about 2 Persons)
    • 1 Avocado
    • 2 Garlic Cloves
    • Couple of basil leaves (2-3)
    • 2 Spoons Lemon Juice
    • 2 Spoons Olive Oil (you can use either the grain or full grain spaghetti)
    • 200 grams Spaghetti
    • 90-100 grams Feta Cheese
    • 40 grams Kalamata Olives (or any other black olives that you enjoy)
    • Salt
    • Pepper
  • Preparation
    1. Avocado Sauce: For preparing the avocado sauce you will need to peel the Avocodo and then mix the avocado fruit with 1 garlic clove, the basil leaves, the lemon juice and 1 spoon of olive oil. You will get a smooth pasta that will basically be your sauce for the pasta.
    2. Boil the pasta or the spaghetti as instructed on the package (you can use either pasta or spaghetti as you want, I prepared this recipe with spaghetti). Usually just boil the pasta in salted water for about 10-15 minutes. When they are boiled, remove the water and leave them shortly dry.
    3. In a frying pan add 1 spoon of olive oil and shortly fry 1 chopped garlic clove.
    4. Slice the feta cheese in small pieces.
    5. Mix the pasta with the avocado sauce. Season the pasta with the fried garlic and the feta cheese pieces and savor the unforgettable taste.

I love this recipe since I love avocado and pasta! What about you: what pasta recipes do you recommend?
Sincerely yours,