Best Places in Graz: Kornati Croatian Restaurant

Dear Alice,

Today I would like to recommend you another great place in Graz, and that is the Kornati Croatian Restaurant, which in my opinion is one of the best restaurants in Graz to devour some of the best fish and seafood dishes and to enjoy the Croatian cuisine and people.

Okay, so this year for the New Year’s Eve, we spent a wonderful evening in the Kornati Croatian Restaurant in Graz. We wanted to do this already last year, but unfortunately plans turned out differently. Still, this year we had the chance to spend a wonderful evening in Kornati. Even though this was my first visit to the restaurant, it has to go on my list of best places in Graz: the place has everything starting with a great service and ending with a delicious food.

So here are the main reasons for which I recommend you to soon book a table for either a special event or for just having lunch or dinner in the Kornati Croatian Restaurant in Graz:

  1. Unique and Creative Interior Design and Restaurant Arrangements. Situated in Geidorf in Graz, the Kornati Croatian Restaurant has a small to medium size I would say. It is located in an old historical building, and it spans 2 floors of a rather small to medium building. Still, the interior design is impressive, and it will catch your eye, since it is very unique, and it creates a great ambiance and a cozy place for enjoying your lunch or dinner. For the New Year’s Eve the place was of course specially arranged, and it probably looked even more original as in the other days, still the restaurant interior is very unique.

    We took this picture at the end of the evening, when everyone was already out enjoying the New Year’s Eve! The drawings were just lovely! And we were already in the celebration mode after the tasty wine (photo is slightly blurred)!

  2. Delicious Fish and Seafood Dishes and Good Wines. The food is simply delicious in Kornati. I had mainly fish dishes (it is a seafood restaurant after-all), but they are very tasty for sure. Moreover, the portions have also a reasonable size (I looove this): we had a 4 dishes menu, and I think the portions had a great size for sure: I could enjoy all the dishes without any problems. The prices are also quite reasonable I would say, you will maybe pay a bit more then a normal restaurant, but it is definitely worth it: the quality-price balance is quite good in Kornati I would say. Concerning the wines (I am not an expert), but I can assure you that the wines have a really good quality.

    The starter was a tune fish paste with Hering fish, simply delicious!

    The cream soup was also extremely tasty!

    The Branzino fish with the mashed potatoes and spinach was just delicious!

    This is the 4 dishes menu we got in Kornati (is the exact order included in this post), and it was just delightful. The desert here is a combination between Brownie and Mouse aux Chocolat with Pear Mouse.

  3. Great Hospitality and Service. The service is just amazing! The hosts are very friendly and they are creating a great ambiance for the guests to enjoy. It definitely makes you want to come again in Kornati. Actually, I am looking forward for my next visit to Kornati.

What about you: have you already tried a Croatian restaurant in your town or in your neighborhood (or maybe the Kornati Croatian restaurant in Graz) and you would like to share the experience?
Sincerely yours,