2018: New Year, New Challenges

Dear Alice,

I decided that this year I will not set any resolutions list for me. It may be that such a list adds an extra pressure to the everyday life and to the short (and to the long) term goals of the year.

“I have to do this”, “I have to plan that”, plus at the end of the year I may realize that I did not completely fulfill maybe half of my resolutions list, and this would probably not be the best for my motivation. Well, we do live in a world where we constantly have to adapt, to learn how to be flexible, and how to constantly adapt our plans. A world that will not only fascinate us with its beauty, but also with its constant development, that we have to absorb so as to develop ourselves further as persons.

So no resolutions for me for this year. I just want that in the new year I face all the good and the not so good moments as challenges; that I learn from failures and that I take the patience to accept I cannot influence certain situations; that I spend more time doing more of the things I love; that I enjoy the present moments and that I make the best out of each situation.

So welcome to my life 2018, I am sure you will be a great companion for me and I am ready to face any challenges coming my way that will take me one step further in my personal development I am sure.

And here are some pictures from 2017, that remind me that doing more of the things you love definitely pays off!

Sincerely yours,