Best TV Series to Watch in 2016

Dear Alice,

Whereas I still consider myself a bookworm and I do love it, I must admit that I also like watching good TV series, along with of course good movies. But since today’s post is about TV series, I would like to concentrate on this topic, and leave the subject of good movies for another day and another discussion.
So what is it about TV series that makes me so excited? I guess is that other world that is being presented to me, from which I learn a lot of new things. I guess is being part of another world once a week, when the weather is not as sunny as I would wish for, or when the rain takes over in yet another Friday evening.

You must know, that nowadays the TV series are very popular and there is a wide range of series out there you can choose from: comedies, thrillers, dramas, science fiction, etc. Whereas it can be really overwhelming to find the right TV series for you and for your preferences, and to devour it every week while the next episode is being aired, I must say that I am lucky enough to have found my favorite TV series for this year! Here is my list of the best TV series to watch in 2016:

  1. Silicon Valley, Season 3 airing April 24, 2016! Long story short: this is a comedy series about five young technicians who founded a software company in Silicon Valley. It is the struggle, the lessons, the experiences, the ups and downs they go through to make their dream come true. Since I am a nerd, I particularly like the series, and the humor is more than nerdy and intellectual. So it definitely goes on the top of my list! And I definitely recommend it to you!
  2. House of Cards, Season 4 airing March 4, 2016! Intrigue, politics, manipulation, bluffing, ambition and perseverance, style, classy clothes, intellectual challenges: everything in one TV series that comes so close with depicting every day life situations that we are all exposed to, and from which we all want to be successful in one way or another. Looking forward to see what’s happening next in this extraordinary brain-consuming TV series!
  3. Game of Thrones, Season 6 airing April 24, 2016! I had high hopes for “Game of Thrones” when I saw its first season, which I consider brilliant! I had high hopes for “Game of Thrones” when I read the unfinished books, that are marvelous but unfortunately unfinished, since the last book was still not published after waiting and hoping…Now after five seasons, when the TV series has lost track of the books and it basically depicts another story than the one from the original books, I want to believe I still have hope. I admit I did not like the fifth season very much, but since Season 6 is the only follow up to the unfinished books, and since “Hope dies last”, I still have some hope left and I aspire that in Season 6 the producers will remember what made Season 1 so successful!
  4. The Big Bang Theory, already airing in 2016! This is another comedy TV series with technicians and unfortunately some unsuccessful nerds stereotypes, I am not a big fan of, but some of the characters as Sheldon or as Howard do make the TV series successful and more than enjoyable, providing you with a relaxing evening after a full week in the office!

Which is your favorite TV series list in 2016? Looking forward to find out about new TV series to devour on rainy evenings or Friday nights :).

Sincerely yours,

P.S. In the drawing, you can see one the dragons from “Game of Thrones”, i.e. Viserion, which I draw a couple of years ago, when I officially became a “Game of Thrones” fan. Yep, I do like dragons and fantasy stories!