Favorite Things I Love About Summer

Dear Alice,

Don’t you just love summer? I definitely do, and whilst enjoying its wonderful sunny days (which sometimes can be really hot) and its incredible bright blue sky, I have to stop for a moment and take a break from all its wonder and notice my favorite things I love about summer.

So here is my list (consisting of a selection of course 😉 , listed in random order):

  1. SUN, SUN and MORE SUN.

  3. Beaches.

  4. Holidays.
  5. Parties.
  6. Ice-cream.
  7. Barbecues.
  8. Cocktails (especially mojito, pina colada and swimming pool).

  9. Strawberries.
  10. Make crepes.
  11. Melon and any other fresh fruits.
  12. Stargazing.

  13. Reconnect with friends.
  14. Brunching outside.
  15. Host summer parties.
  16. Have an outdoor picnic.
  17. Getting outdoors.
  18. Working in the garden.
  19. Flowers.
  20. Hiking.

  21. Running.
  22. Kayaking and canoeing.
  23. Outdoor exercising.
  24. Flying a kite.
  25. Mini golfing.
  26. Snorkeling.
  27. Water sliding.

  28. Sandals, flip-flops and any open shoes.
  29. Shorts.
  30. Braids.

  31. Sun glasses.
  32. Live concerts outdoors.

  33. Going on a date.
  34. Enjoying the evenings on the terrace.
  35. Spend a sunny day with your partner at a freshwater lake in your surroundings.
  36. Relaxing.

  37. Open windows.
  38. Dogs with their head outside the car window.
  39. Ocean waves.

  40. Traveling.
  41. Summer lovin’.

What about you: what are your favorite things you love about summer? (I hope the list inspires you to find some great activities for the forthcoming weekend).
Sincerely yours and since it is almost weekend, I wish you a wonderful sunny weekend with a lot of sun and joy,